Boat cleaning and maintenance products

Description: Hig quality cotton rag. White or colored. 1, 5, or 25 kg.

Description: 05704 3M double-sided white beret Superbuff polishing.

Description: 3M 09030 Wax shielding paste 270 gr.

Description: Shurhold #270 handbrush

Description: Shurhold #955 brush medium 6" yellow.

Description: Shurhold #955 brush medium 10" yellow.

Description: Hose attachable brush.

Description: Shurhold #950 brush stiff 6" white.

Description: Shurhold #960 soft brush 6" yellow.

Description: Sikaflex 295 UV 300 ml. Adhesive for direct bonding in organic crystals marine applications.

Description: Sikaflex 291i. White or black. 70 or 300 ml. Multipurpose sealant for marine applications.

Description: 3M polish 50383 ultrathin "holograms" 1 Ltr.

Description: 3M 50413 Discs P1000 75mm Trizact finish.

Description: 3M 51052 Devastating fast cutting XL 1 LTR.

Description: Protective wax 80345 3M high brightness (Polish Pink) 1 Ltr.

Description: 3M 80349 Polishing Superfine PLUS 1 Ltr.

Description: Fiberglass microspheres. Used to add bulk to the resins, lower weight and hardness. Consult formats.

Description: Fiberglass fabric 202 gr.

Description: 3M 06044 Marine Imperial polish 1 Ltr.

Description: Beret wool double-sided and fast connection. 50881-150mm. 33279-229mm

Description: 50486 Cloth 3M high performance blue

Description: Green Beret 3M double-sided polishing and fast connection. 50878-150mm 50874-216mm

Description: 60671 3M high performance green baize.

Description: Box 275 34568 3M disposable polishing cloths.

Description: Yellow Beret 3M double-sided polishing and fast connection. 50879-150mm 50875-216mm

Description: 3M 50400 High Performance Cloth yellow.

Description: 3M Electrical Polisher 64392 adjustable speed (1100w).

Description: 33271 3M double-sided speaker adapter and quick connection.

Description: 3M 05512 Adapter with 14mm thread for both sides Superbuff beret.

Description: Compound 3M 06025 "Marine High Gloss Gel Coat" of 4.3kg.

Description: Compound 3M 06039 "Finesse-it Marine Paste" of 4.3kg.

Description: 09048 3M Marine Finesse-it II Finishing Material 500 ml.

Description: 3M 09004 Marine high performance cleaning compound 500 ml.

Description: Blue Beret 3M double-sided anti holograms and fast connection. 50880-150mm 50708-216mm.

Description: 09061 Wax 3M Scotchgard Marine Liquid Wax 500ml.

Description: 3M 50489 High Performance Cloth pink.

Description: Restorer and Wax 3M Fiber glass liquid. 9005-500ml. 9006-950ml.

Description: 3M 9010 Cleaner and wax 950ml glass fiber.

Description: 05095 3M dense white retouching Caulk tube 409gr.

Description: 05096 3M dense green retouching Caulk tube 409gr.

Description: 3M 05662 retouching Caulk white light tube 200ml.

Description: 50663 3M Kit restoration professional polycarbonates.

Description: 3M 50719 Hookit Discs 255P 3 holes 75mm grain P320.

Description: 50080 3M Hookit Discs 255P+ of 75mm grain P500.

Description: 3M 00910 Hookit Discs 260L 75mm P800

Description: 3M 50415 Discs P3000 75mm Trizact finish.

Description: Interface Pad 05771 3M 260L

Description: 59015 3M restorative Pasta for plastics - Step 1.

Description: 3M 50499 Green Beret polished 75mm.

Description: 59016 3M polish for plastics - Step 2

Description: 50536 3M 75mm polished yellow beret

Description: 3M 20427 backing pad 75mm socket for headlight restoration kit

Description: Gun 28353 3M sander 75mm 3mm orbit

Description: 3M 28354 Polishing 75mm gun.

Description: 3M 16577 Accuspray Gun Mod. HG 1.4.

Description: 3M disposable nozzles Accuspray 16612-1.4 16611-1.8 16609-2.0

Description: 3M 16610 Accuspray dispenser nozzles (8 nozzles included)

Description: 3M 16571 Needle Accuspray

Description: 3M 16574 Air regulator Accuspray

Description: 3M PPS Mini Kit Mini 170ml 16752-filter 125 micron 16114-filter 200 microns

Description: 3M PPS Kit side Midi de 400ml. 16312-filter 125microns 16112-filter 200micros

Description: 3M PPS Kit side Stándard 600ml. 16026-filter 125microns. 16000-filter 200microns.

Description: 3M PPS Kit side Maxi 800ml. 16740-filter 125microns 16024-filter 200microns

Description: 3M 16743 200 micron filter Rellenable

Description: 3M box with 75 caps and 50 vessels 600ml 16758-filter 125microns. 16761-filter 200microns.

Description: Special 3M 50730 for UV applications and 125 micron filter

Description: Mixing Cups 3M + PPS ring. 16115-170ml, 16122-400ml, 16001-600ml, 16023-800ml.

Description: 3M introduction kit Mini PPS 170ml (2 mixing bowls and rings, caps and cups 50 and 25 caps) 16750-filter 125microns 16113-filter 200microns

Description: 16012 3M Boat cleaning guns

Description: Dispenser 16099 3M PPS lids

Description: 3M PPS cup dispenser 16019

Description: Rules mixture 3M 16022

Description: Support for gun 3M 16025

Description: 3M 16010 Carrier vessels and boats PPS