Descripción: FHD type galvanised steel anchor. 2.5 / 5 / 7.5 / 10 / 15 / 20 kg.

Descripción: St. steel standard bow roller. 240 / 330 mm.

Descripción: St. steel handrails 25 mm 250 / 300 / 500 / 650 / 850 / 1100 mm

Descripción: Water Puppy self-priming pump 12 volt d.c. Connections for 25mm (1”) bore hose or use ½” hose adapters.

Descripción: Non-automatic submersible pump RULE. Ignition protected. No burn out when run dry. 360 gph / 1400l/h; 500 gph / 1900 l/h; 800 gph / 3000 l/h; 1100 gph / 4200 l/h. 12 or 24 V from 800 gph.

Descripción: Automatic submersible pump RULE MATE. Ignition protected. No burn out when run dry. 500 gph / 1900 l/h; 750 gph / 2900 l/h; 1100 gph / 4200 l/h; 2000 gph / 7600 l/h.12 or 24 V.

Descripción: Garmin Echo 301C Sonar. Colour. 3,5" display. Dual frequency. With or without transducer.

Descripción: Garmin Echo 151 sonar. Grey scale 4" display. Dual frequency with transducer.

Descripción: Chromed brass rod holder with base. 40 mm.

Descripción: Garmin Striker 4 sonar with GPS. 3,5" colour display. Dual frequency.

Descripción: NGK plugs. All references NGK or their equivalents.

Descripción: Battery box. Different sizes.

Descripción: Suction pad for folding top base on inflatable boats.

Descripción: Nylon bolt for folding top.

Descripción: Shurhold #270 handbrush

Descripción: Shurhold #955 brush medium 6" yellow.

Descripción: Shurhold #955 brush medium 10" yellow.

Descripción: Hose attachable brush.

Descripción: Square protractor 13cm.

Descripción: BRAVO inflation hand pump. 5, 6, 10 Lt.

Descripción: Manual water pump. 55 cm.

Descripción: Fuel jerry cans. 5, 10, 20 Lt. With flexible screw-on spout and directly reading gauge.

Descripción: Shurhold #950 brush stiff 6" white.

Descripción: Shurhold #960 soft brush 6" yellow.

Descripción: Flush mount rod holder. Stainless steel or chrome brass. 40 mm.

Descripción: Plastic rod holder.

Descripción: Chromed brass railmount 40 mm rod holder. 22/25 mm tubes.

Descripción: Rod holder spare parts.

Descripción: Single shower housing.

Descripción: Multipurpose folding box. 32L

Descripción: Neptuno snack cup holder

Descripción: Jabsco replacement pump assembly for Jabsco manual toilets. Part no. 29040-3000.

Descripción: Nautical plotter 33 x 12 cm.

Descripción: Autofocus binoculars 7x50.

Descripción: Bilge diaphragm pump.

Descripción: Diaghragm spare parte for bilge pump.

Descripción: Manual oil extraction pump with 4L tank.

Descripción: Manual oil pump.

Descripción: Plastic straight rod holder.

Descripción: Rod holding ring.

Descripción: Straight chrome housing.

Descripción: Automatic pump switch.

Descripción: TMC type submersible non automatic bilge pump. 12V 400 GPH, 600 GPH, 1400 GPH, 2000 GPH.

Descripción: Mini-bilge pump 12V 500L/h.

Descripción: Knots box 53x43cm, with fabric background and white knots.

Descripción: Flojet pressure system. Service to up to 5 water outlets. 11L/min 3,4 bar.

Descripción: Lifejacket 150N, zip closure, double adjustable crutch strap. 4 sizes: S, 30-50 kg.; M, 50-70 kg.; L, 70-90 kg.; XL, >90 kg.

Descripción: Marine speaker. Different sizes, output powers. 5", for example 100W (normally set of 2)

Descripción: BA15d lamp socket.

Descripción: Waterproof aerial fuse holder.

Descripción: 1,5mt VHF antenna for power boats. Fiberglass.

Descripción: Brass engine order telegraph. 34cm. Wood base.

Descripción: Fixed radio station VHF NAVICOM RT- 650DSC with built-in AIS receiver, Class D second wireless station.

Descripción: Fixed VHF station with DSC RT-550 Navicom. Color black or white.

Descripción: GMDSS VHF ICOM IC-GM1600E

Descripción: Portable VHF station NAVICOM RT-311. 1 or 5W output. Splashproof IPX4.

Descripción: Portable VHF station NAVICOM RT-300. Compact. Use rechargeable AA batteries. Splash protection IPX4.

Descripción: Portable VHF station NAVICOM RT-330. Watertight to IPX -7 immersion at 1 meter and 30 minutes. Floating. Bluetooth feature that allows connection to a GSM mobile phone.

Descripción: LTC VHF/FM duplexer

Descripción: Plastic bailer.

Descripción: Waterproof bag for protections of documents. 21x24 cm.

Descripción: Decorative 23 cm brass sextant. Box included.

Descripción: Lewmar winch handle holder.

Descripción: Waterproof document case 42x27 cm

Descripción: Isothermal glass holder blue or white.

Descripción: Horseshoe buoy. Orange. Quick RD 145N.

Descripción: Scapular adult lifejacket 100N. CE ISO 12402-4; from 40 kg.

Descripción: Lifejacket 100N , CE ISO 12402-4. Head floating collar. Strap between legs. High visibility orange. Adult 4 sizes : 40-50 kg., 50-70 kg., 70-90 kg., > 90 kg. Child 2 sizes: 15-30 kg., 30-40 kg.

Descripción: Cobra portable VHF station MR-HH 125 EU

Descripción: Humminbird Piranha MAX Sonar 197C. 256 colour 320v x 240h 3.5” LCD display and DualBeam sonar with 1600 Watts PTP power output. Also available as a portable model.

Descripción: Humminbird Piranha MAX 165X Sonar. Single frequency.

Descripción: DANBOLINE high durability and resistance finish for bilges, closets and bulkheads. Color: White Grey. Packaging: 0.75Ltr 2.5Ltr.

Descripción: Interstrip AFS antifouling stripper suitable for GRP. Packaging: 1Ltr.

Descripción: POLYURETHANE MATTING ADDITIVE Bi-component matting additive for Perfection and Perfection Plus. Container: 1 Ltr.