Descripción: Trilux 33: slow polishing antifouling, free of copper oxide, bright and sharp colors, ideal for aluminum boats. Colors: White, Blue, Navy, Black, Red, Green and Grey. Packaging: 0.375ml. 0.75Ltr. 2.5Ltr. 5Ltr. 20Ltr.

Descripción: Micron 350 anti-fouling SPC multi-season. Low VOC content, for high fouling areas. Colors: Sand White, Blue, Red, Navy Blue, Green, Black. Packaging: 0.75ml, 2.5Ltr. 5Ltr. 20Ltr.

Descripción: VC 17m Extra is a high performance antifouling micron fluoride additive, which provides the smallest and slightest friction on the surface for a greater speed and efficiency. It is ideal for sailors and speedboats option.

Descripción: Ultra 300 is our ultimate hard antifouling, providing 1-year protection ideal for powerboats or any streamlined yacht, even in the harshest fouling conditions. Colours: Dover White, Blue, Red, Navy, Black.

Descripción: OFFSHORE EU Anti-fouling with a hard matrix with a fine and smooth layer, sandable. Ideal for regatta boats or high speed motorboats. Colors: Dover White, Red, Blue, Black. Packaging: 0.75Ltr. 2Ltr.

Descripción: Cruiser 250 is a polishing antifouling, resulting in consistent antifouling performance while the boat is motion. Offers year-round protection, in all but the worst fouling areas. Colors: Shell White, Blue, Red, Navy Blue, Black. packaging; 0.75Ltr. 2.5Ltr. 3Ltr.

Descripción: Boatguard 100 is an effective low-cost antifouling, formulated to repel all kinds of fouling organism. It is quick and easy to apply, and provides comprehensive protection for a whole season. Colors: Shell White, Blue, Red, Navy Blue, Black. Containers: 0.75Ltr 2.5Ltr. 5Ltr.

Descripción: UNI-PRO 250 antifouling universal POLISHABLE, suitable for sailing boats and motor. Colors: Dover White, Blue, Red, Navy Blue, Black. Pack: 5Ltr y 20Ltr.

Descripción: Cruiser 200 is a quality polishing antifouling that provides comprehensive protection for all substrates, including aluminium. Available in Bright White. Packaging: 0.75Ltr. 2.5Ltr.

Descripción: Micron 99 Multi-season premium SPC antifouling for professional use, high solids content. Color: Blue, Navy, Red, Black Packaging: 20Ltr.

Descripción: Intersleek 1100SR Biocide-free technology, high quality for obraviva, offering a glossy finish (Silicone). Color: White, Blue, Red and Black. container: 10Ltr.

Descripción: Description: MICRON EXTRA EU, is a premium antifouling that offers extraordinary protection for 18 months in any type of conditions. Colors: Sand White, Blue, Red, Navy Blue, Black.

Descripción: Micron 300, multi-season polishable premium antifouling. Color: Dark Gray Container: 5Ltr.

Descripción: Trilux Prop-O-Drev, a hard matrix aerosol antifouling for use in hard-to-reach areas such as tails and propellers. Colors: Black and Gray. Container: 500ml