Descripción: ORIGINAL Conventional multi-purpose gloss varnish, transparent finish, for use in interior and exterior areas. Container: 0.75Ltr, 2.5Ltr.

Descripción: GOLDSPAR SATIN Polyurethane varnish with a satin finish for interior areas. Container: 0.375ml, 0.75Ltr.

Descripción: CLEAR WOOD SEALER FAST Transparent bi-component polyurethane primer for wood in dead work. container: 10Ltr.

Descripción: SCHOONER Traditional Tung oil-based varnish, for a deep, shiny, golden finish. Container: 0.75Ltr,

Descripción: COMPASS Polyurethane varnish of high gloss and resistance, fast drying and slightly amber color. Container: 0.375ml.

Descripción: Perfection Plus High performance two-component polyurethane clear varnish. Container: 0.75Ltr, 2.5Ltr.

Descripción: WOODSKIN An alternative to oil and traditional varnish, with a semi-gloss microporous finish that does not peel. Packaging: 0.75Ltr. 2.5Ltr.

Descripción: Perfection Pro Varnish