Funds and finishes.

Descripción: TOPLAC silicone alkyd enamel, bright. Color: Wide range of colors (see). Packaging: 0.75Ltr 2.5Ltr.

Descripción: INTERPRIME 880 All Climate, two-component epoxy primer / undercoat for finishes, can be applied with polyurethane finishes directly. White color. Packaging: 2Ltr 8Ltr.

Descripción: PERFECTION UNDERCOAT. High performance bi-component polyurethane undercoat. Color: White, Blue-gray. Packaging: 0.75Ltr 2.5Ltr

Descripción: PreKote, Primer and fund-component. Color: White, blue-gray. Packaging: 0.75Ltr 2.5Ltr.

Descripción: Perfection Pro, two-component high-performance polyurethane finish. Made in 2 versions (Gun or brush). Wide range of colors (RAL chart) Containers: -Gallon (A + B) 5.68Ltr. -Quarto Gll (A + B) 1.42Ltr.

Descripción: Perfection Pro Undercoat High performance bi-component polyurethane undercoat. Colors: Black and White. Packaging: Gallon and Quart.